Myztic is a Fast, Secure, and Low-fee Global Money Transfer System. It is a peer to peer and untraceable digital cash system with infrastructure for a payment gateway to accept payments online.

Our Vision

We envision Myztic to be used in following ways. But we also want to give the community the freedom to use Myztic in ways that would serve them for better.

Pay with Myztic where privacy and user security is required.

Use Myztic for National & International business to business transaction.

Fast international import/export without costly currency exchange rates.

Use Myztic to pay for products and services online.

Use Myztic to pay friends or peer to peer transfers.

Use Myztic to pay/send mzts internationally.

Use Myztic for private donations.

Use Myztic as a wallet.

Use Myztic for private decentralized banking.

Use Myztic as a store of value.

Contact Us

If you have any issues/questions/comments/ideas, we could be reached at please e-mail [email protected]

You could also join one of our chat groups on Telegram OR Discord